Hair Extensions Course

Through this course you will become a fully

licensed Hair Extensionist specialising in the following methods: Nano-rings, Micro-rings, Tapes and Weft.

What are Hair Extensions?

Hair extensions are natural hair pieces that are used to add length, volume, or both. They are typically attached to the existing hair to enhance its appearance. Hair extensions can be made from a variety of materials including human hair, synthetic fibres, or a combination of both. At Glam-Start we will be teaching you 4 methods of application such as Nano-rings, Micro-rings, Tapes and Weft.

  • Tape-In Extensions: These are hair extensions with adhesive strips that are placed between small sections of natural hair. They offer a semi-permanent solution and are relatively quick to install and remove.

  • Nano-ring Extensions: Nano-ring extensions are very tiny, making them discreet and comfortable. They are attached to natural hair using small metal rings and can last for several weeks to months.

  • Micro-ring Extensions: Similar to Nano-rings, Micro- ring extensions use slightly larger metal rings to attach individual extensions to the natural hair. They provide a secure and long-lasting result for thicker fuller hair.

  • Weft Extensions: Weft extensions is hair sewn into rows of either Nano's or Micro beads using a needle and thread. Weft hair extensions are good for clients with thicker density hair.

What content will be taught?

You will be taught :

  • 3 days in-house practical training on how to fit and remove hair extensions.

  • 4 demonstrations.

  • Hair Extensions theory.

  • How to conduct a thorough consultation.

  • Colour matching and sourcing materials.

  • How to cut and style.

  • How to take a professional photo.

  • Health and Safety and COSHH.

  • How to set up your work station.

What is involved in becoming a Hair Extension Specialist?

To become a Hair Extension Specialist you do not need previous experience within the hair industry. However, you will need to complete a comprehensive beginners course like ours. Once you have been accredited you will need the appropriate insurance. Then you are ready to go!

Course price


Finance options such as Klarna are available.

Contact us to check suitability, course dates, and how to book on.

What is included

  • Full in-person 3 days Hair Extensions training.

  • Full starter kit included.

  • Weekly step by step training videos to teach you all the business start up knowledge you will need to know, to help you to succeed in the beauty industry

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